Smoke Alarm Maintenance

It might seem simple, but a smoke alarm can literally save lives. As a result, NSW legislation states that smoke alarms must be installed on every level of your home. This includes owner occupied homes, rental properties and relocatable homes.

Once installed, it’s best practice to change your smoke alarm’s batteries and vents every year, typically when daylight savings ends in the month of April. But smoke alarms don’t last forever – always check the expiry date on your smoke alarm and contact The Entrance Electrical Services to replace it with a new unit to eliminate the risk of malfunction in an emergency situation.

Also known as hardwired or mains powered smoke detectors, 240V smoke photoelectric alarms are powered by the property’s main power supply. A photoelectric alarm can be used to detect smouldering fires early and limit false alarms due to steam from cooking or hot showers. This type of alarm also comes with a battery backup when this power is cut due to a power outage. This is what makes the photoelectric alarm the most popular type of alarm installed in homes Australia wide.

Are you a landlord or property agent?

From March 2020, NSW legislation states landlords and agents have a responsibility to ensure that smoke alarms installed in rented properties are in working order.
At The Entrance Electrical Services, our licensed electricians can safely maintain, test and install smoke alarms in the areas of your house mandated by the law. During our maintenance service, we’ll check wiring and provide you with the highest quality smoke alarms which meet standards.

For safety and peace of mind, contact the The Entrance Electrical Services team for all your smoke alarm checking and testing needs. Your safety will always be our priority.