Upgrading your switchboard

You might say that the switchboard is the electrical heart of the home. What do they do, exactly? A switchboard distributes power to your main switch and each individual safety switch or fuse which powers all electrical appliances and lights.

And, a switchboard is also the place where your electricity provider will read your meter every three months. It’s here they measure energy consumption for billing purposes. Ideally your switchboard should have clear access from the street, and if possible located outside of any fenced areas if you have pets to give you meter reader easy access.

How do I know if I need a switchboard upgrade?

Over time, some components of your electrical switchboard can present a fault. Common faults are found in safety switches, circuit breakers and cables caused by overload, poor connection or the switchboard nearing the end of its life.

Under some circumstances, a switchboard upgrade may be recommended. These are when:

The Entrance Electrical team can replace old ceramic fuses with modern circuit breakers and RCDs to keep you and your property safe from electrical fire. If you think you might need a switchboard upgrade, contact us.

A switchboard upgrade might just save your life.

If you notice sparks or smoke coming from your switchboard or any other electrical product, contact The Entrance Electrical team via our 24 hour emergency hotline for immediate electrical attention.