Hot Water System Management

Taking shorter showers to save on hot water?

Scheduling your week around when you can turn on your dishwasher? Or only using the cold wash setting on your washing machine? These are all signs that you might be due for repairs on your hot water tank.

When should I call an electrician for hot water repairs?

The Entrance Electrical team can easily assess if your hot water system has an electrical fault over the phone at no charge. Whether the issue lies in the element, the thermostat or there’s a circuitry problem with your switchboard, we can help get your hot water system back in action.

If you hear noise coming from the water tank, it might be caused by a buildup of sediment. If water is leaking from your system, it could be due to worn out hot water fittings or broken pipes, which means you might need to replace your hot water system entirely. We’ll be able to assess this for you.

There are a variety of factors to consider if you need to replace your current hot water system. Has your demand for hot water changed? Do you require more water in your home? How much are you prepared to pay upfront? There’s also the opportunity of installing a second-hand hot water system unit. However, we’ll make sure it’s up to scratch to be used.

Once you’ve decided the size and type hot water system you need, The Entrance Electrical Services can disconnect your old unit, dispose of it for you and recommend a plumber to complete the job.

For advice on your hot water repairs, contact the team at The Entrance Electrical Services for an obligation free quote.